Cosmetology is the branch of medicine dealing with beauty treatments. It includes hair and skin care with the use of various products, lasers and procedures such as botox and fillers injections. At Total Woman we offer you for acne, pigmentation, sagging skin and scars using procedures such as chemical peels, microdermaberasion, non-surgical facelifts to enhance your appearance.

Skin Care

Skincare treatments to restore natural glow to the skin, to reduce tanning and pigmentation and to give a more youthful appearance are undertaken at Total Woman. Besides chemical peels and microdermabrasion, we also do a number of medicated facials to improve the quality of your skin.


A charming face not only gives you a self confidence but also mark a charming appearance to wherever you go. Anti-ageing treatment include a combination of chemical peels, microdermabrasion and dermal fillers, botox and fat injections to restore youth to sagging skin.

Non Surgical Total Woman

Non Surgical Face Lifts

Though the results of a surgical face lift are permanent and predictable, surgery may not be a practical option for everybody.
Non surgical procedures such as a Thread lift can be performed as an office procedure whereby the patient has no hospitalisation and immediate results. Also it works out to be economical. Other than this treatments such as botox, fillers, fat transfers and radio frequency can be used to lift sagging skin.


Botox is very effective anti aging treatments for face when it comes to reduce the repetitive occurrence of wrinkles. The outer part of the eyebrow can be corrected through botox too. For treating horizontal forehead lines or nasal squint lines, botox is recommended. It is also effective against Gummy lines, Frown lines, crow’s feet, and fine lines on neck. We at Total Woman offer botox injections at unmatched economical rates.

Botox Total Woman

filler Total Woman


Filler is a great alternative to fight in an effective way against ageing. The facial profile can be developed to much extent through the application of injection of filler materials. Those who suffer the problem of bracket lines (the folding of skin starting from the nose to the corner of the mouth) also called the nasolabial fold can be helped by injection of fillers. Women desiring fuller lips or fuller cheeks also benefit by filler injections.


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