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We are committed to delivering the highest quality healthcare services for women and children. Total Woman is the go-to-gynaecologist in Borivali for wide-ranging maternal, gynecological as well as female cosmetic care.
Each one at Total Woman is passionate about their work and vision. We aim at providing more than quality healthcare; we offer healthcare with warmth and empathy - an experience that is a league apart.

Why Choose Us?

Expert On-board Doctors

Highly-qualified on-team doctors, well-versed with latest technology offer to fulfill your medical needs with precision.

Certified , Dedicated Professionals

All our staff are certified for and dedicated to woman and child healthcare, ensuring proper care.

The Care and Comfort of Home

We always strive to make your stay at Total Woman comfortable and welcoming just like you’d feel at home.

Earliest Possible Discharge

Our policies ensure that you stay for as short a time as possible and are discharged at the earliest possible.

Emphasis on Quick Mobilization

We help you mobilize as quickly as possible after surgery/treatment to minimize complications and fatality.

Accessible and Affordable

Our world-class services by gynaecologists in Kandivali are accessible and affordable for you to suit your pocket.

Our Services

The multidisciplinary team of on-board gynaecologist in Dahisar is dedicated to catering to changing healthcare needs of women and infants in a customized manner with our state-of-the-art gynae and obstetrical care. 

Total Woman

Ashok Van, Dahisar East

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